Aroma is a Berliner making music in the capital of techno for almost 15 years. She likes to merge deep and fluffy sounds like Hot Since 82 with deep beats like Maetrik / Maceo Plex, adding a little flavour with the percussions of D’Nox & Beckers and embracing hooklines from Gui Boratto or Frivolous. Ask Shazam what track is playing and you will not get an answer, because she never plays one track only – she is a skilled DJ and a real performer, creating her own groove.

Her tracks and remixes are highly recommended by the ones who know. Ruede Hagelstein and Fraenzen Texas honored her music with a remix Laurent Garnier loved her successful track “Freakshow” and “Beautifooled” made it to 11 in the Beatport Charts for weeks. John Acquaviva gave major support to her legendary “Goofy” track, also “Alien Flaneur” which appeared with a proper prize winning video, vinyl and support from all sides -underground to main floor-: Acid Pauli, Claudio Coccluto, Richie Hawtin, Animal Trainer, Stacy Pullen, Darren Emmerson. Comments range from “well done”, “great, just Wow!” or “Love this!”.

In 2018/2019 she did some of her highly recommended livesets, playing with self made instruments and controlers, which she soldered and scripted based on her ideas. She just had the feeling that music and performance needed to be visible again. For her anything which does not ask further and steps ahead is boring. So her interpretation of techno is colorful, its punk, its emotional and its demanding. Even if it looks elegant and fluffy what she does -its hard work. But the result is what matters. And thats why people respect her as an artist.

She was presented by What people play, had a feature on the Beatport deep house section amongst the 20 best records of the week. It was highly recommended by reviews in magazines like the print version of FAZE Magazine got featured in the german Mixmag and countless Musiclovers Blogs and Sites.

Her own imprint aromamusic which celebrated the 15th anniversary in 2019 has a catalog of 130+ releases. Aromamusic worked with 93 skilled artists with 27 label showcases in 11 countries – this sums up to more than 24 hours of quality music. Apart from aromamusic she has published on labels in Greece, Egypt, UK, USA and of course lots of Germans like Ashram, Futureaudio, Ritter Butzke, WAAP, Bohei, Audiocollective or even Trikont and Disko B.

When you listen to aroma*`s music you can detect it is made by her. Be it DJ, live or her productions – DJ aroma is an artist and she developed her very own style over the years. She loves playing at Festivals like the German Fusion Festival with more than 60.000 visitors sharing this attitude. Not many people had the honor to play there 8 times on main stages like she did. These are the places where she unfolds her very special talent to take you on a different level. And people love her for that. Her music is deep, organic, quite slow at 120-122 pushing you quite hard and groovy at the same time. In a way she has a typical Berlin career, had residencies in the most important clubs like Panorama Bar/Ostgut which is now Berghain. She was a promoter and labelmanager at Ritter Butzke a top 5 spot in Berlin for many years.

Last not least she is very open to export club music into all kinds of cultures and spheres. She produced music and soundscapes for the Museum of Modern Art in Freiburg. She organized Music Ahead a think tank to research on the future of club culture. She produces for other artists. She played tours in Sweden which took her up to the far north without daylight, she played in small Russian villages, she was invited to play for Deutsche Bahn, she even headlined a party in the zoo in Manila. She loves clubs but there is no location or occasion too awkward for her, if she has the feeling that it could take things further she will be your pilot – to take you on a flight level above 10.000 feet and provide you with a soft landing in the comfort zone.