And now ?

Remix / Production inquiries: Since I am really into remixing you`re welcome to contact me. I will listen and see if I can connect to the music and the feeeling behind it.

Live / DJ requests: Most DJs want to play and be booked. Hmm ? Well I would say: depends. I am happy to bring my music or knowledge or both to people and places but it has to feel right. Sounds esoteric ? Maybe. But isn`t music also esoteric in the sense that it can be an experience you will not forget? I played hundreds of gigs in my life ranging from the illegal little underground hole to huge festivals and I enjoyed it quite a lot. To keep these high spirits up I am asking things in return – not only money. I am asking to check my music before I travel hundreds of kilometers, I am asking to get an idea of what I am offering and again that values much more than money. I prepare my gigs very well, if its live or a DJ Set or a hybrid – does not matter.
I am an Artist not a playlistjuggler – do not ask a five star cook for a burger… If you get the idea be happy to contact my booker and I will try my best to play for you.

T E C H R I D E R:

DJ Set:
– 2 CDJs 1000 or higher , preferably with network connection
– Pionieer Mixer (above 900) or Allen & Heath
– CDJs not higher than 1,15 Meter above the floor, no stands. Thats a must  !
– Good monitoring that can be controled by me.

Live PA:
Soundtechnician for soundcheck, a mixer with 4 stereo channels (can be DJ mixer) and 2 meters of tablespace, good monitoring that can be controled by me, an E-mail what kind of soundsystem I can use in the venue min one week before the gig.