live pa

L I V E   A C T –  L I V E   P A

My live pa is played 100% live with controlers, machines and a sequenzer in the laptops. I use ableton for this and various machines which change according on the occasion. Normally I enjoy playing with a UC 33 , the fabulous bass station sytnth, dr.rhythm, a jomox, some of the korg volcra series and an MPC or similar Akai stuff. But it changes a lot, I buy and try machines to keep my sound fresh. At other times i use controlers and soundcards with two computers to be able to play like a dj set but live and with my own productions. And if the budget is very small I can play with one computer and controlers, which is still nice but less stuff to plug in and carry.


Its all depending on the occasion and of course the budget. When using analog instruments with microphones a sound technichan is mandatory. For a live act with the typical “electronic” setup, I need two meters of space and good monitoring.

Netzpolitik / Mensch Meier Live PA 2019

Here is a video from –> sommersafari@arena /External link , Berlin with Elahi on the mic.

Here is a video from an old liveshow at-> Ritterbutzke in 2012 / External link , Berlin, where I collaborated with a great visual artist. This is also done live and real time.
ARTS: Production with a flamenco guitar -> External link, and vocalists.

Old Recording from Ritter Butzke 2014 -> External Link