dj aroma producing music

I love to make music in my studio, leave it and co-work with others like my dear friend Gustavo from Lisbon (probably the only person in the world who is allowed to say “babe” to me). Sometimes I also colaborate with my great artist friend Melissa Logan from Chicks on Speed. And I love to get input from Jens Poenitsch my favourite Munich Disco Machine and I guess the most inspiring source when it comes to vocals.

I worked as a producer for sound installations, producing plays, recording sounds, other dj`s and contributed a lot of work to radios: recording shows, jingels, cutting and editing stuff.

Many great inspirations came from remixing which was most of the time meeting people and listening to their ideas then transforming it into another world, sometimes very respectful and other times completely destroying the original for good.

Last not least I enjoy playing live very much because the organic moment of energy and joy from the mutual exchange with the audience is a great factor to my music. Playing live, meaning really jamming with the material and challenging the machines was a good source of ideas for many of my later releases.

My latest project is programming a little self soldered device to be able to give a physical momentum to the moment on stage.

And of course producing music – just as ever .



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And now ?

Remix / Production inquiries: Since I am really into remixing you`re welcome to contact me. I will listen and see if I can connect to the music and the feeeling behind it.

Live / DJ requests: Most DJs want to play and be booked. Hmm ? Well I would say: depends. I am happy to bring my music or knowledge or both to people and places but it has to feel right. Sounds esoteric ? Maybe. But isn`t music also esoteric in the sense that it can be an experience you will not forget? I played hundreds of gigs in my life ranging from the illegal little underground hole to huge festivals and I enjoyed it quite a lot. To keep these high spirits up I am asking things in return – not only money. I am asking to check my music before I travel hundreds of kilometers, I am asking to get an idea of what I am offering and again that values much more than money. I prepare my gigs very well, if its live or a DJ Set or a hybrid – does not matter.
I am an Artist not a playlistjuggler – do not ask a five star cook for a burger… If you get the idea be happy to contact my booker and I will try my best to play for you.

T E C H R I D E R:

DJ Set:
– 2 CDJs 1000 or higher , preferably with network connection
– Pionieer Mixer (above 900) or Allen & Heath
– CDJs not higher than 1,15 Meter above the floor, no stands. Thats a must  !
– Good monitoring that can be controled by me.

Live PA:
Soundtechnician for soundcheck, a mixer with 4 stereo channels (can be DJ mixer) and 2 meters of tablespace, good monitoring that can be controled by me, an E-mail what kind of soundsystem I can use in the venue min one week before the gig.