Making Music in the desert and building musical icons

The last few weeks I ve been discussing with some of my musicmates and collaboratresses what the next year will be like and I figuered I am tired of waiting for a train that might not come so quickly. Thats double bad luck in a way because a lot of my music production derrives form livesets I played and the interaction with the audience. I tried and tried, but I simply can not do this online stuff. Sounds strange to hear this from me, who is such a fan of the new possibilities that digital brought to music production.

So I had to find new ideas and new ways of interaction and I discovered some. One is an art project which we are already building and which will be exhibited as a comment to the actual situation of society and sound/cultural life.

And the other project was to find inspiration when making music as a substitute for an audience, so I went to make music in the desert. And I am still doing it. I am using on the fly field recordings to make grooves and trigger notes. And I am really inspired by the awsome souroundings and the gentle little details one can hear in the desert. Have a look and enjoy with me:

dj aroma playing music in the desert