Making Music in the desert and building musical icons

The last few weeks I ve been discussing with some of my musicmates and collaboratresses what the next year will be like and I figuered I am tired of waiting for a train that might not come so quickly. Thats double bad luck in a way because a lot of my music production derrives form livesets I played and the interaction with the audience. I tried and tried, but I simply can not do this online stuff. Sounds strange to hear this from me, who is such a fan of the new possibilities that digital brought to music production.

So I had to find new ideas and new ways of interaction and I discovered some. One is an art project which we are already building and which will be exhibited as a comment to the actual situation of society and sound/cultural life.

And the other project was to find inspiration when making music as a substitute for an audience, so I went to make music in the desert. And I am still doing it. I am using on the fly field recordings to make grooves and trigger notes. And I am really inspired by the awsome souroundings and the gentle little details one can hear in the desert. Have a look and enjoy with me:

dj aroma playing music in the desert

Aroma Controler

How does a tomato sound, has the ginger special frequencies ? Can the onion be a filter ? Yes, they all can. So I build this little device which is just as valuable as any 2500 Euro plus mixing and efx console. Its a beta, but the actual script is working and I am rehearsing to play with the controler, its like every instrument, one needs to play and work on the moves. The good thing is: after the rehersal of this setup, it was transformed into a great turkish lentil soup.

dj aroma playing with the tomato, ginger, onion controler setup

Video by Hannes Hirsch w/th Aroma & Casimir v.Oettingen

This is an old release from 6 years ago, but its still a classic. The collaboration with Casimir von Oettingen was great and as a team we developed a visual transportation of the story of the Alien Flaneur. Our Alien Flaneur was an adopt to the 19th century figure of people wasting their time thoughtfully on the streets and enjoying the new culture emerging in the european 19th century cityscapes. Hannes Hirsch directed the videoshoot and made a great edit.

Alien Flaneur – DJ Aroma w/th Casimir v.Oettingen Remix ; Directed by Hannes Hirsch

Release 131 aromamusic – Project Mayhem w/th Enne Remix

Out on Sept 11th ( !) the new song “Project Mayhem” – listen to the machines going bazerk and love ENNE`s remix who is giving it a southern relaxed feel ready to swing – Project Mayhem on vacation.

Listen to it on
also available on Beatport ->

Aromamusic #131
Project Mayhem ( incl. ENNE Remix )

Release Date 09/11/2020 –
Genre : Organic House, Melodic House & Techno
Artists : DJ Aroma, ENNE
Info: Remember the famous “Fight Club” movie? Tyler Durden launches “project mayhem” challenging everything which is believed to be safe. Its what happens in the song: at first glance it develops like a basic techno track but then the machines are launching their project mayhem. ENNE an old friend of aromamusic contributes a more soulful version, focusing on the piano hookline and taming the machine madness.