Release 131 aromamusic – Project Mayhem w/th Enne Remix

Out on Sept 11th ( !) the new song “Project Mayhem” – listen to the machines going bazerk and love ENNE`s remix who is giving it a southern relaxed feel ready to swing – Project Mayhem on vacation.

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Aromamusic #131
Project Mayhem ( incl. ENNE Remix )

Release Date 09/11/2020 –
Genre : Organic House, Melodic House & Techno
Artists : DJ Aroma, ENNE
Info: Remember the famous “Fight Club” movie? Tyler Durden launches “project mayhem” challenging everything which is believed to be safe. Its what happens in the song: at first glance it develops like a basic techno track but then the machines are launching their project mayhem. ENNE an old friend of aromamusic contributes a more soulful version, focusing on the piano hookline and taming the machine madness.